Men Pen

The Men Pen product is a product made specifically for men to help cover up blemishes when it counts the most. Most of our customers are club goers that want to dress to impress when going out. There are also many executive men that use the men pen daily for things like business meetings and such where it is critical to look good.

The product is made of a makeup foundation type compound that is lightly applied to the face on top of acne, razor burn, or other blemishes. Each stick contains SPF 18 therefore we recommend light use if wearing it in the sun. The stick is a miniature tube about the length of chapstick but fatter with the same screw type container. Can easily be dropped into your pocket while at the bar. The Men Pen is available in 16 great colours.

The best way to apply is to dab over the blemish, then rub in a circulating motion with your finger. Once product is evened out with finger, it's best to brush over it with a tissue to ensure no signs of contrast and an even covering. When applied properly there's no trace of use when others are looking at you, you just look better!

Common Uses of The Men Pen:
The Men Pen is used by guys for a lot of different reasons, here are a few ideas that have been found most beneficial for using The Men Pen!

  • Razor Burn temporary cover up
  • Smooth face skin and pores
  • Blend red spots on face (tanning, or rash)
  • Cover up scrapes and cuts
  • Reduce the appearance of acne or blemishes
  • Hide scars from cuts or plastic surgery
  • Use on scalp to fill holes or blend hair / hair loss
  • Smooth rough lines below eyes
  • Hide appearance of moles or bumps
  • Use to dull colour of chapped lips if extremely red

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