6L/min oxygen bar equipment home portable oxygen concentrator


Oxygen is a basic human need. We would not survive without it. The air that we breathe accounts for around 21% oxygen. It can be sufficient for most people with healthy lungs, but for some people with certain health conditions whose lung function is impaired, the amount of oxygen that is obtained through normal breathing is not enough. Oxygen concentrator can separate oxygen and nitrogen molecules from each other for generation of high concentration oxygen. Trapping the nitrogen out of the compressed air and provides supplemental oxygen by compressing room air to 4 atmospheres of pressure. This concentrates the oxygen in the compressed air without the need of adding chemicals.

Item Features
1 Overall flowing water and kneading designing without any projection, customized for families with elderly and children
2 Pioneered large 4-inch LED color display, so that the elderly can see it more clearly
3 Pioneered embedded water tank, being easy to remove and clean
4 Luminous indication of wetting water box, being convenient and beautiful, makes gas flow be adjusted more easily
5 Top oil-free air compressors, makes the machine be longer life span and more stable to operate
6 Ceramic and space PC material’s rotary separation value, is highly reliable
7 Limited air pressure outlet to ensure the stability of gas pressure
8 Limited air pressure outlet to ensure the stability of gas pressure

 4.2 inch LED colour screen

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