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Perfect way to maintain your posture with ALEX, the wearable personal posture coach.
With all of our devices, we’re constantly leaning over and straining our necks. Alex is a lightweight wearable which fits comfortably behind your neck and on the top of your ears, Alex will let you know when your posture is actually detrimental. Due to the ideal placement on your neck, ALEX is able to precisely and accurately rack and measure your posture. When you enter a position with poor posture, ALEX will vibrate gently to remind you to sit up straight. You can use the app to set your preference for the frequency and intensity of the vibrations. Over time, you’ll begin to recognize your own posture habits and feel the benefits of this clever coach.

Posture Monitoring

Pivoting Mechanism
& Ergonomic Design

Smart Reminding
& Posture Tracking

ALEX monitors your neck posture in real-time.

Whenever your posture gets poor,it alerts you with gentle vibration so you can build good posture habit!

ALEX’s pivoting mechanism makes sensing both Forward head posture and Text neck.

Alex fits anyone with its ergonomic design and flexible material.

A companion coaching app lets you fully customize ALEX, adjusting the frequency and intensity of alerts.

It guides you to address bad habits and tracks your progress towards better posture, over time.

The app is compatible with Android and iOS.