The Biocera Alkaline Jug now makes it affordable for everyone to enjoy the benefits of alkaline ionized water through the application of bioceramic technology.

Since the introduction of the Biocera Alkaline Jug Filter, everyone can enjoy the benefits of alkaline ionized water conveniently and cost effectively without electrical or plumbing connections. Thanks to advances in the use of natural bioceramics you can get the alkalising, energising and detoxifying benefits of healthy alkaline water. Drinking healthy water is probably the simplest thing everyone can do to improve and maintain wellness.

We like to think of the Biocera Alkaline Water Jug as an investment in a healthy lifestyle change, rather than a ‘product'.

It is more environmentally friendly than drinking bottled water and considerably cheaper than electronic water ionizers. It requires no plumbing, no power and can sit on your worktop or in your fridge door.

Bioceramics - Harnessing the power of natural minerals.

The filter media in the Biocera Alkaline Jug works in several ways to change the characteristics of the water that passes through the filter. The filter cartridge works very differently to traditional jug filter cartridges. The filter media in the cartridge is composed of activated carbon and three different types of bioceramic media. The bioceramic balls are combinations of naturally occuring minerals selected for their specific beneficial properties. Biocera have received NSF certification for their bioceramic media. NSF is an international standard which gives independent accreditation as to the safety of products.

The activated carbon in the filter cartridge absorbs carbon and dissolved organic contaminants. The bioceramics in the filter cartridge increase the alkalinity of the water, change its oxidation reduction potential from a positive to a negative. The bioceramics in the cartridge also help update harmful heavy metals and have an antibacterial effect, which is why the cartridges can be used for longer than conventional cartridges.