BioCool Portable Alkalizer


BioCool is a cutting-edge portable water alkalizer that uses a carefully formulated combination of natural minerals to turn ordinary tap water into  alkaline water with an elevated pH. Water helps to counteract the buildup of harmful acidic residues in the body 

Enjoy the Benefits of Hydrogen-Rich Water 

Whether you are looking to alkalize at work or at the gym, or just properly hydrate your body while on the go, the BioCool is probably for you.

The BioCool portable water alkalizer offers an elegant and efficient solution to your everyday alkalizing needs. It is easy to use, and provides you with convenient access to alkaline, hydrogen-rich water. 

When you fill the BioCool portable water alkalizer from your tap, the water inside reacts with a combination of carefully selected 

natural minerals, including Magnetite, Zeolite and Tourmaline, that work together to energize your drink; raising its pH from 7.5 to between 8.5 and 9.5.

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