Bug Bam Grid


The Bug Bam Grid is a non toxic, all natural area repellent that does not use smoke, flames, butane, fans, sprays, liquids, power or batteries of any kind! Instead, it has the same essential oil blend as the Bug Bam wristbands impregnated into its unique design. Each grid has a pretty star pattern for air flow and measures 5 inches by 5 inches.

Just 1 Bug Bam Grid will repel mosquitoes and other flying, biting insects for up to 100 hours across an approximate 300 sq. ft. area. The warmer the weather, the shorter the lifespan, and the cooler the weather, the longer the lifespan will be. Hang this grid on your back porch, beach umbrella, tent, picnic table or literally anywhere; it will emit an "aura" of plant-like odours that will effectively hide people or animals from mosquitoes in the area it covers.

Each Bug Bam Grid comes in a vapour proof zip-lock bag. The included bag will extend the lifespan of the product when not in use. It will also keep the product re-usable for up to 2-years if stored in a cool, dry place. In between use, just seal the Grid back in the original zip-lock bag until you're ready to use it again.

Bug Bam has had their products tested and certified as both effective and non-irritating to the eyes and skin.

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