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Wild Divine's Food Court - For Your Iom Feedback Hardware

  • Five distinct games in one package
  • Each game has nine difficulty levels
  • Choose your difficulty level
  • New, fun suite of games for your Iom
  • 100% Mac and PC Compatible
  • Learn to handle stressful situations
  • Can be played without Iom
  • Infinitely replayable!
The "Coffee Bar" game within Wild Divine Online's City courtyard proved to be wildly popular, and is one of the most visited Active Feedback activities. We've decided to expand the Coffee Bar outside of Wild Divine Online, and into the rest of a town square, complete with Sushi, Tacos, Ice Cream, and Pizza!
wild divine food courtWild Divine coffeee bar

This collection of five distinct Wild Divine games, each with nine levels to conquer, is tons of fun, but will simultaneously train you to "keep your head" in stressful situations and help you to master the key techniques that separate happy, successful people from stressed-out rat race runners.

Food Court is a fun game that delivers REAL-LIFE benefits! What makes Conscious Food Court one of the most intriguing and innovative games ever? Keep reading below.

New & Unique! Put your Iom to the Test

First off, choose which restaurant you want begin with. You can choose Coffee Bar, Ice Cream Bar, Pizza Bar, Sushi Bar, or Taco Bar. Use the settings button to choose your difficulty level and the length of your breathing prompt. During gameplay, matching your breath closely with the breathing prompt improves your mind/body coherence score, and is associated with optimal performance, focused awareness, productivity, and a clear mind.

Customize the game with the settings button, increasing or decreasing the level of difficulty, and the length of your butterfly breathing prompt.

Image result for coffee suite wild divine taco bar

Easy to Learn, Tough to Master!

As you begin the game, customers will arrive and sit down. They will request something off the menu, and your task is to prepare their order from the ingredients available.

The conveyor belt moves right to left, and delivers your order to the customer. (See video above)

Once they finish, they will leave their payment behind, which you collect and use to buy more ingredients before you run out. The object is to maximize your earnings during your shift. The more customers you can serve quickly, and without error, the more you will earn.

However, Wild Divine's Active Feedback via your Iom or Lightstone adds an interesting "twist" on your ability to earn......

Stay Calm, Cool, and Collected under Pressure to Maximize your Earnings

The Iom transmits your mental state to the game. As customers come in and begin to order, are you calm and in control? Or are you frazzled and getting stressed?

You are rewarded by staying calm. With the input of the Iom, Your mind/body coherence score is tied to the speed of the conveyor that delivers your customer's orders. The calmer and more collected you are, the faster the conveyor can deliver to your customer. More customers equals more money, and a higher score!

To increase the challenge, each new level of each game adds new recipies and dishes. You always have your handy recipie book for reference, but each time you don't have something memorized and have to look it up, it slows you down.

With the Iom, this combination is a recipe for Fun!

A Wild Divine first, Choose your Language!

With Coffee, Taco, Pizza, and Ice Cream Bars, choose to play in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French, Italian, or Portuguese.

This is the first translation of a Wild Divine game into non-English speaking languages. Comenzar El Juego!

Included with Conscious Food Court

Coffee Bar: Become a master Barista (9 levels)
Ice Cream Bar: Choose your favorite flavors! (9 levels)
Pizza Bar: A menu full of Italian Delights (9 levels)
Sushi Bar: Master the cuisine of Japan (9 levels) 
Taco Bar: Culinary delights from South of the Border (9 levels)

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