Focus Pocus: Magic for the Mind (Headset Inc)


Product information

Focus Pocus is a game with benefits! It is played for fun, on your own, or against a friend. The game was designed to provide an environment to practice skills such as attention, relaxation, impulse-control and memory. Train to develop “powers” by mastering the 12 engaging mini-games. These powers help you battle the evil necromancer, and also may help improve behaviour and academic outcomes!

Focus Pocus is available on Windows OS, Mac OS and iOS and comes with the Neurosky Mindwave Mobile EEG Headset which is ideal for children 5+

In training mode, rewards and incentives are provided so that achievements and outcomes can be monitored and reported in FocusIn. All performance and EEG data is recorded for use in the daily and end-of-training reports shown in FocusIn. The difficulty level of the games is adaptive, adjusting game-by-game to the performance of the child – the goal is improvement.

While the games within Focus Pocus are engaging and fun, they also exercise important psychological processes that underlie our ability to control our own behaviour, when we learn, play and interact. Take learning for example. As shown below, the outcome of any learning experience is the result of the content presented, the environment in which it is presented, and the person’s readiness to learn.

This readiness depends on attention (a “state” factor) as well as being able to hold information in memory, control impulses and ignore distractions (cognitive factors). Being calm and relaxed is also a part of this readiness. Focus Pocus addresses this readiness, providing an environment to exercise the state and cognitive factors.

For the Kids!

12 mini-games plus boss game

Training, Challenge, Multiplayer modes

Performance Tracking

Customisable wizard characters

Games powered by the brain!

For the adults:

Daily reports on training performance

Parent can reward child in game

End of training report (after 25 sessions)

Follow-on exercise recommendations

Local installation with server security

Most Importantly: Children that are happier, healthier and more in touch with their mind and emotions.

Technical specifications


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