Himalayan Crystal Salt Tea Light Candle Holder x 4 (Heart Shape)

Direct from the Himalayan mountains, each candleholder is carefully handcrafted, to retain the unique and beautiful shape of the rock.

Create a warm, beautiful, relaxing and inviting mood in your room. Bask in the warm glowing colours. It will help lift your mood and well-being. Many people experience a reduction in stress thanks to the gentle, soothing colours: red for revitalisation, orange for revival, yellow for positive thinking, white for concentration, and apricot for the relief of emotional disorders. The natural minerals contained within these rock salt crystals are what produce these colours: for example, iron imparts a reddish tone and manganese contributes yellow and orange tones.

The Himalayan pink salt crystals produce negative ions which have long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health. This is why you always feel great when you are by the mountains, seaside, waterfalls, and when walking after rainstorms: the air is full of negative ions.

The negative ions counteract positive ions, which are produced by electrical items. They produce 'electric smog', which deteriorates the condition of air in the rooms, and negatively affects our physical and emotional state. A pink salt lamp is a great and natural way to purify your air of these harmful positive ions.

Safety note: Always place the tealight on a coaster, and never leave a candle burning unattended.

Tea lights not supplied.
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