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All our Himalayan Salt products are imported directly by us. They are handcrafted from the salt caves in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

Lots of studies and researches shows that Salt Lamp is an amazing thing. It's have unlimited benefits. One of the key benefit of Himalayan Salt Lamp is Negative Ions which protect us against the Positive Ions around us.

Now in modern days Positive Ions are everywhere around us. Its comes from TV, Microwaves, Mobile Phone Signals etc. These waves are not good for our health that's why we need salt lamp in bed room, sitting room, office and study room for our naturally good health.

Salt lamps are a very pure source of warm light and its multi-colored glow has a soothing effect inducing a sense of calm and relaxation.

The most known benefit – and why the majority of people use them – is due to their incredible power to remove dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, and other contaminants from the air.
Salt lamps purify air through the power of hygroscopy, meaning that they attract water molecules from the surrounding environment then absorb those molecules – as well as any foreign particles they may be carrying – into the salt crystal. As the lamp warms up from the heat produced by the light bulb inside, that same water then evaporates back into the air and the trapped particles of dust, pollen, smoke, remain locked in the salt.

Please note, the lamps do sweat slightly when exposed to moisture, do not be alarmed as a good sign of authenticity!

Further benefits include:

Reduce Asthma and Allergy Symptoms Treat SAD
Increase energy levels Improve mood and concentration
Eases Coughs Reduce static electricity
Neutralize EMF radiation Purify Air


         Salt Lamp Weights in KG      

       Room Sizes in Square Feet     

Salt Lamp 2-3 KG

70 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 3-4 KG

100 Square Feet

Salt Lamp 4-6 KG

130 Square Feet