Ion Power Wristband Blue


Product information

ION POWER™ wristband is embedded with innovative Negative Ion technology. Each -ION POWER™ wristband is infused structurally with natural minerals that release negative ions. The ION POWER™ infused wristband helps restore the balance, strength, the flexibility and harmony to our body.

The - ION POWER™ wristband releases up to 1800 negative ions that may help increase the free flowing of oxygen to the brain; resulting in higher alertness, moderate fatigue, reduces stress, boost metabolism, boost mood, enhances athletic performance and daytime mental energy. Negative Ions counteract the energy-draining effects of Positive Ions emitted by electronic equipment; cell phones, electrical wiring, eliminating electromagnetic waves from your computer and monitor.

Silicone material

Available in Small (17.5cm) Medium (19.0cm) and Large (20.5 cm)


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