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MocaHeart the Worlds smallest Heartrate Monitor
Checking your heart health will no longer necessarily require a visit to the doctor or an uncomfortable strap. The new MocaHeart tracker by MocaCare can indicate several heart conditions by simply scanning your thumbs and sending the data to your smartphone.

The extremely portable MocaHeart uses thumb scans to measure your blood velocity, and takes the determined velocity to calculate your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, and cardiovascular health. MocaCare has developed the proprietary Moca Index to give a snapshot on overall heart health on simple 1-5 scale (Low, Ideal, Raised, High, or Very High) as determined by your blood velocity. The Moca Index is a measurement of blood flow, which is correlated to blood pressure. Generally the faster the blood flows through the blood vessels, the higher the blood pressure.
To track your heart conditions, simply press down on the MocaHeart for a few seconds. The device has its own iOS and Android app for visualizing the results and pinpoint any daily, weekly, monthly or annual trends and insights. You can also use the app to send your heart results to family, friends, or your doctor and keep them updated on your condition with an in-app messaging system. The app also sends alerts to remind you to conduct a thumb scan, and it can automatically take into consideration certain environmental factors, such as weather and location. MocaHeart is also compatible with HealthKit to automatically send and aggregate the health data to your iPhone.