MyndPlay bluetooth brainwave entrainment. Powered by Neurosky.

Control games, movies, sports training, high performance using the power of your mind.

Affordable EEG sensor band, the MyndPlay BrainBand has been designed for constant contact and comfort as well as to offer the option to customise; the detachable B3 unit compresses the revolutionary NeuroSky EEG technology into a small lightweight unit that sits snug inside the BrainBand with 2 dry sensor contact points and an ear hook to sit behind the ear. The unit can be removed and place inside a visor, cap or a custom headset or headband.

Brain Entertainment...Experiences, Development and Training; like never before.

MyndPlay is the world's first mind controlled media player and platform which connects your computer to your mind with dry sensor EEG (Electroencephalograph) BrainWave technology to allow users an engaging, innovative new level of interactivity by allowing you to control, interact with and direct video media or a movie using only the mind.

MyndPlay trains your mind to meditate and focus through stimulus/response training and provides you with detailed brainwave feedback and the tools to develop greater mental awareness and emotional control making it the ultimate brain entertainment, live experience and training platform.

MyndPlay is a platform designed to create a new level of experience and a new genre of seamless interactive video content which connects, engages, immerses and interacts with the viewer like no other format as well as providing the ultimate in computer brain connectivity.

MyndPlay offers companies and organizations an opportunity to be at the forefront of cutting edge technologies and the latest immersive media solutions. MyndPlay offers users an experience above and beyond the standard video format as they connect with the content in an emotional and engaging way.

Just a few content ideas:

•Video Apps – 1-5 minute interactive live action games and entertainment
•Interactive Advertising
•Short Films
•Learning enhancement apps
•Sports Training Videos – i.e. Developing your mental game
•Well being and personal health
•Socially aware content, youth and children - how our emotions affect our decisions
•Interactive Trailers for movies, products and video games

Myndplay is the future of interactive video technology and brainwave feedback.

MyndPlay also has the facility to create viewer brainwave feedback logs offering content creators and film makers biofeedback data on the affects of the visual content.

Myndplay Sports

It is well known that high performance athletes have strong mentality in addition to the pertinent skills and physiological capabilities. This strong mentatlity is associated with motivation, mental concentration on the game, stress and anxiety management, self confidence and emotion control. Mental concentration is required in both static (archery golf shooting)and dynamic sporst tennis, boxing, baseball.

Results taken from an evaluation of US Olympic Archers have shown that the use of EEG technology during training helps the user become more aware of their mental state, thus enabling them to gain control over their attention and relaxation skills. Mental concentration accompanied by visual focusing plays an especially key role in peak performance. Many sports associate with visual, mental and selective attention. By correlating mental and visual attention and just focusing on the target or exercise, the athlete can train his or herself to develop a linear focus and block out the external factors that affect performance.

The latest technology to eliminate and manage all forms of stress, trauma and phobias effortlessly in the comfort of your home.
Train yourself to Relax and Meditate, retain and apply these skills to everyday lifestyle situations.

MyndPLay Pro
EEG research & training
Record, Save and Export Neurofeedback Data
Built in Analysis Tool with RealTime Raw Data
Watch any video and view/record your response
Now with 2 player capability and access to our Multiplayer applications