Natural Warm Patches 14 pack

Bodytox® Natural Warm Patches are primarily used for body application to help soothe aches and pains, but can also be effective for supporting natural detoxification and maintaining good blood circulation when applied to the feet.

The main attribute for both application uses is the production of Far Infrared (FIR) which Bodytox® Natural Warm Patches delivers to the target area through a process called conversion.

When the patches are applied to the body, the Far Infrared properties of the patch can be effective in providing temporary targeted relief to soothe aches and pains by maintaining good blood circulation and revitalising skin cells. Research carried out showed a significant increase in warmth in those who used the Natural Warm Patches.

Directions for use - application to the body
Remove the Bodytox® Natural Warm Patch from the packaging and apply it to the targeted area. Apply as many patches as required to cover the area, pressing and holding them firmly to secure. Be careful not to apply the patches to a moist surface or to overlap the patches adhesive as this can cause the patches to become dislodged. Keep applied for a maximum of 12 hours.

Directions for use - application to feet
There are three zones the patch can be applied to: the heel, the arch or the ball of the foot. Before going to bed simply remove the outer packaging and place Bodytox® Natural Warm Patches horizontally across the sole of each foot, pressing firmly to secure them. Using the reflexology chart, determine which areas of your body you would like to target. If the patches come off with a mixture of stained and clear areas, stained areas indicate where your body is holding toxic material.

Patches should be left on for between 6 - 12 hours during sleep time and then a new one should be applied the next time you go to bed each night. If applying the patches for a detox programme, depending upon the individual the detox may require 6 - 14 days to achieve maximum results. The question of ‘how long?’ is a matter of the users own conditions and lifestyle however the general rule is to stop using the patches when they start to become patchy and lighter in colour as less toxins are extracted. Once you feel you have achieved an optimum level of detoxification, indicated by the patch colouring and how you feel, the patches can then be used as a maintenance program for 3 days or longer if required.

Do not continue applying them to your feet if they become too warm.
Sensitivity may occur when bathing or showering the following morning after treatment. Optimum detoxification will only be achieved by consuming a minimum of 1.5 litres of water daily. The water acts as the carrier to flush toxins out through the soles of your feet which are then absorbed by the patches.
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