AVICHE Necklace Wearable Mini Personal Air Purifier with USB


AVICHE Necklace Wearable Mini Personal Air Purifier with USB, Negative Ion Generator, Purifies Air Eliminating Germs, Dust, Viruses, Bacteria, Allergens, Mould, Odours, and More.



Product Description

This portable air purifier cleans the air using negative ion technology – resulting in the same type of brisk, fresh air created through the natural cleansing power of a thunderstorm. When powered on, this releases a stream of negatively charged ions that cleans bacteria, pollen, PM2. and smoke particles cigarettes/vaping in a protective bubble around you.

NEGATIVE IONS pull away viruses, bacteria, and other disease-carrying particles invisible to the naked eye!

Stay safe from colds, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

Negative ions are abundant in nature, especially around waterfalls, on the ocean surf, at the beach and after a storm. They are widespread in mountains and forests. Negative ions are present in the outdoor air we breathe in and they are also present in our bodies. The degree to which negative ions contribute to overall well-being and health is scientifically proven.

  • Type:Negative Ion
  • Installation:Portable, Necklace Wearable
  • Certification:CE
  • Capacity (CFM):20
  • Power (W):1
  • Voltage (V):5
  • Brand Name:AVICHE
  • Model Number:M1
  • Application:Home, Office, Ward of hospital, Car, Neck Wearable, Travelling
  • Function:Release negative ions to remove bacteria, allergen, Smoke, PM2.5,
  • Size:L80xW37xH24mm
  • Negative Ion Generator:>8 millions pcs/cm3
  • Power supply:Built-in Rechargable Lithium battery
  • Rechargeable:Rechargeable by USB
  • Running time:30-35h
  • Charging time:3-4h
  • Batter Lifecycle:>500 times


Brand Aviche


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