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The latest Patent Pending, upgraded model of the Relax Ally Travel Restband is finally here! The new Restband comes with 3 integrated features;

  1. The Restband for better ergonomics
  2. A sleeping mask to exclude disturbing light
  3. A pocket with earplugs for isolating noise

It even can be used as only a sleeping mask, when you feel like your surrounding is too bright. Just leave the back piece out, and fasten the safety buckles of the restband.

Relax ALLY® Restband™ fastens the head firmly to the seat and by doing so prevents the head from nodding off and thus sleep from being interrupted. Furthermore the ergonomic position helps to fall asleep and allows the muscles to relax. With Relax ALLY, you can save your neck and shoulders from soreness.

Relax ALLY® saves your trip!

Included in the package:

  • The Relax ALLY Travel restband
  • Attachment leash
  • A lightweight carry bag

Technical specifications

Brand: Relax Ally
Code: 799928998918


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