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RelaxALLY 3 in 1 travel restband, increasing your comfort by over 50%

Difficulties to sleep when travelling. Symptoms such as head-surfing and nodding-off cause interrupted sleep, awkward situations and stress. Rapid head movements may cause micro-trauma to the neck and shoulder muscles. With the Relax Ally® Restband™ you can prevent these events from happening.

Relax ALLY ® Restband™ fastens the head firmly to the seat, and by doing so prevents the head from nodding-off, and thus sleep from interrupting. Furthermore, the ergonomic position helps to fall asleep and permit the muscles to relax, preventing stiffness and pain in the neck and shoulder area.

The Relax ALLY ® Restband™ can be used in all forms of transportation; cars, busses, trains and airplanes as a passenger. The Restband™ is also safe; it detaches with a pull, when necessary. It is small and light-weight, and setting it up takes only a few moments. Just fasten, adjust, and relax.