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Relaxing Rhythms 2 - Biofeedback Games & Meditation


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Relaxing Rhythms 2

Continuing Mind Body Training for Health & Wellness 


All new mentors, new biofeedack events, and more!

Continue the journey with Relaxing Rhythms 2. Nine brand new mentors bring their unique brand of teaching, and new biofeedback events ensure rapid integration. 

Enjoy all new guided meditations and biofeedback events, while retaining the gorgeous imagery, immersive sound, and entertaining games to help you master what you learn.

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What is required to use Relaxing Rhythms 2?

  • Mac or PC computer (laptop or desktop)
  • Lightstone, IomPro, or IomPE biofeedback sensor

Books, dvd's, audio courses are created for one average, imaginary person. With the personalized, real time feedback of the Iom, a custom experience is created for YOU.


You can't change what you can't measure

Use the settings screen to "fine tune" your Relaxing Rhythms 2 experience. Choose a difficulty level between 1 - 100, and watch with pleasant astonishment how easy it is to improve following the expert guidance of the mentors. 

Tune the breathing cycle to personalize for maximum relaxation and deep meditative states. In combination, these settings provide a highly customized training experience.

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Relaxing Rhythms 2 Detail

  • 10 Unique steps guided by Mentors & Experts
  • Brand new biofeedback events
  • Escape "Busy Brain" & "Monkey Mind"
  • Customizable difficulty, Track & review progress
  • Use anywhere: Home, office, hotel, on a flight!
  • Individual accounts for clients or family members

Relaxing Rhythms 2 is incredibly easy to use

1. Install the software, Mac or PC version

2. Plug the Iom into a USB port & attach the earclip

3. Start the program, start living the new you!

(This program can be used without an Iom, but you will miss out on the biofeedback games, scoring, and progress tracking)

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Relaxing Rhythms 2 contains unlimited private accounts. This means each and every client, family member, or friend can have their own settings, progress tracking, and can watch their high scores improve with practice.

The Iom biofeedback sensor detects your hidden stresses and tension, and expert mentors guide you to natural, effective solutions. See results in as little as 15 minutes.


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