Reviber Plus

  • Tone and strengthen muscle
  • Reduce body fat
  • Strengthen your core and pelvic-floor
  • Increase metabolism
  • Improve balance & posture
The Reviber Plus was tested for fat loss and muscle toning by the Independent on Sunday newspaper who reported that it delivers 'impressive results' and is 'easy to use and is excellent value for money'. This is the next generation (oscillating) vibration plate.
g many other positive benefits.

While you are having your legs, buttocks, and core muscles exercised by your body's response to the movement of the platform, you can use the resistance bands attached to the side of the machine to exercise your chest & arms to complete a fantastic workout.

Reviber Plus - Oscillating Vibration Plate

A Reviber Plus workout is superior to a traditional, first generation vibration plate such as our Reviber Original. In addition to the fast muscle contractions of the original plates, on the Reviber Plus the body also gets a second workout effect in order to keep centred… called a counterbalance effect. 

It feels as natural and comfortable as walking, but your leg, buttock and core muscles get a workout at an accelerated 1800 oscillations per minute – at the highest speed, your body is being worked thousands of times in a typical ten minute exercise session.

Exercise Plate

Some people will leave it at that and get very good results, but the Reviber Plus is designed as an exercise platform and comes with resistance bands and an instructional manual of additional exercises.

Working out on the Reviber Plus, including using the resistance bands and performing squats is a positive lifestyle choice for people wanting to get fit and stay fit.

It’s easy to get started, just clip-on the resistance bands and with the press of a button you will have started your first Reviber Plus workout.

Exercising your legs, buttocks & core muscles.

Standing on the Reviber Plus exercises the legs, buttocks, and core muscle as the muscles are called upon to keep the body in balance.

Arm Exercise

The resistance bands are being used for arm curls to exercise the arms and all the supporting muscles in the torso. This is also an excellent cardiovascular workout when done vigorously.

Band Raises

Another way to exercise the upper body, particularly the shoulders and the lateral muscles in the upper back.  The band raises can be used for front or lateral raises.

Chest Exerciser

One arm at a time, pull a resistance band across the chest toward the bicep of the relaxed arm. This is a great exercise for firming the pectoral muscles.
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