Stone Biofeedback

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Manage Stress, Regain Energy and Concentration the Easy Way.

Unleash the Power of Your Brain: Recharge for Better Health, Mood, Energy and Concentration.

Stone: Center Europe's best-selling biofeedback system for training concentration and focus, eliminating troublesome thoughts, and clearing the mind.

Who is it for?
For professional psychologists, psychiatrists and trainers to help their Clients, and anyone wishing to better manage stress, thoughts and emotions by self-training at home. (Also suitable for children over 5 years of age).

The system is composed of a device (a computer add-on), games and software. It detects information on your condition through a sensor attached to your ear.

Stone can be used without any preparation and is very easy to use:

1. Attach the sensor and connect it to a computer.
2. Launch a game.
3. Control the game using only the power of your mind. (You are training your mind by playing)

When you purchase the professional version of this system, all of your clients will be able to use it. The home version of this system is for you and up to two additional friends or family members.
Home Edition, all games, up to 3 users, additional users requires Pro version. Statistics include the Stones score and HRV plot only. Other functions are the same as Pro.