Wild Divine

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Introducing the new hardware and the latest software from the Award Winning program Wild Divine Project.

Choose from 5 stunning software titles including: Soaring free as a Golden Eagle the Sunseeker with your breath, experience authentic Zen with Master Nissim Amon in the Zen Journey, master Mindfulness Meditation with psychologist Tara Brach, clear your mind with Villa Serena, and sample the world's wisdom traditions with the 15-Step Relaxing Rhythms program.
For MAC/PC choose the Iom PE, Mind - Body sensor, using the science of biofeedback (Heart Rate) via the small clip on ear sensor which will deliver signals to your Wild Divine programs.
Available now for your iPad/iPhone the IomBlue (wireless) the Mind- Body sensor, using the science of biofeedback detecting your mind and bodys signals via the small clip on ear sensor which detects your heart rate and delivers information to the Wild Divine Apps on your IOS device.

Biofeedback Information: Is Wild Divine Biofeedback?
Biofeedback machines are clinical medical instruments designed to assist professionals who cure, treat, or diagnose medical conditions. Biofeedback training should be conducted by a trained, licensed practitioner. Wild Divine products are for educational, entertainment, and leisure use. Wild Divine is not a medical device, and should not be used in place of professional medical care. We strongly urge you to discuss any and all medical therapies with your doctor or health professional.
The Wild Divine unique (IOM) along with interactive software allows users to explore the mind-body connection in real time. The Iom is a consumer electronic device that uses ear sensors to transmit, in real-time, your levels of stress, tension, excitement, or calmness to the software installed on your PC or Mac. Depending on the desired outcome, your thoughts, emotions, levels of stress, tension, or excitement cause things to change on the computer screen. Some training events may require you to meditate and relax, others will ask you to raise your energy level. Training your mind and body to adapt to different desired states is called "Adaptive Coherence" 

Relaxation Techniques

Meditation, slow and easy abdominal breathing, and connecting with positive emotions are three methods for getting the desired pattern of both strength and balance. Our Relaxing Rhythms guided meditations lead you step by step, clearly showing your progress. Meditating is associated with balance and relaxation, and our products are perfect for learning to meditate (for meditation beginners), or for taking your meditation practice to a new level. By synchronizing your various processes (skills that can be gained through practices in our Relaxing Rhythms Guided Meditation Program), you can quite easily reach your goals. The benefits of mediation are many. Meditation helps us reach a state of balance.